Field Nights

Lunar Cycle

We hold dark sky nights for members only at The Oaks (Stargard). We select our dates based on the Lunar cycle:

Weekend closest to New MoonStargard.
Second darkest Saturday:Stargard.
Third darkest Saturday (generally near First Quarter Moon) Winter series of Public Nights or other public events.


Stargard nights might be rearranged at short notice to suit the weather conditions.

If weather conditions look doubtful, please check for news on the “What’s On” page AND the Facebook page AND your e-mail or Private Messages before leaving home – and please ensure you have saved the relevant contact numbers on your mobile phone in case of emergency.

Please check out the MAS Weather page.


Members must arrange their own transport to the observing sites You should always arrive before sunset, especially if visiting for the first time.

Location maps of our observing sites are accessed via the menu at the top of this page.

If arriving late, make sure that your approach to the final gate is with only parking lights and ask someone to guide you safely into the observing area.


You should bring your own food, drink and warm clothing. It is also essential – for your own safety and that of others – that you bring a red torch with you.

Dew heaters are recommended and you will need your own electrical supply equipment.

Consider the needs of others around you, especially when using laser pointers, camera monitors, computers, car boot and interior lights, radios etc. Please read our Field Etiquette page.

Watch Out For The Locals

Dmitry Brant, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When driving to or from Stargard, always be on the lookout for wild animals such as kangaroos, wombats and foxes which frequently stray onto the road, especially at night.


Stargard nights at The Oaks (adjacent to The Oaks Airport) are free to financial members and invited guests only. Please contact the President or Vice-President before inviting non-members to attend.

Members who have not yet purchased a telescope and wish to familiarise themselves with what other members use are welcome to attend and seek advice from more experienced members.

Stargard observing dates are scheduled for at least one night per lunar cycle. If a scheduled night is cancelled due to weather, another night may be selected.

Members are requested to always close the main gate and throw the bolt (without locking it) to permit entry or egress by other members but to discourage entry by non-authorised people.

You will require your own battery power.