Caldwell List

Caldwell 80 by Dave Manning (MAS)

A list of bright deep sky objects that is supplementary to the Messier List, which missed several objects worthy of listing  – and listed nothing south of 35° S.

The dates of the highest passing of the objects are an approximation.

The first fourteen items (C1-C14)* are not visible from Macarthur’s 34° S latitude.

Caldwell List

#Also DesignatedCommon nameTypeConstellationMagHighest
C1*NGC 188 Open ClusterCepheus8.1Sep-Oct
C2*NGC 40Bow-Tie NebulaPlanetary NebulaCepheus11Sep-Oct
C3*NGC 4236 Barred Spiral GalaxyDraco9.7Mar-Sep
C4*NGC 7023Iris NebulaOpen Cluster and NebulaCepheus7Sep-Oct
C5*IC 342 Spiral GalaxyCamelopardalis9Dec-May
C6*NGC 6543Cat’s Eye NebulaPlanetary NebulaDraco9Mar-Sep
C7*NGC 2403 Spiral GalaxyCamelopardalis8.4Dec-May
C8*NGC 559 Open ClusterCassiopeia9.5Oct-Dec
C9*Sh2-155Cave NebulaNebulaCepheus7.7Sep-Oct
C10*NGC 663 Open ClusterCassiopeia7.1Oct-Dec
C11*NGC 7635Bubble NebulaNebulaCassiopeiaOct-Dec
C12*NGC 6946Fireworks GalaxySpiral GalaxyCepheus8.9Sep-Oct
C13*NGC 457Owl Cluster, E.T. ClusterOpen ClusterCassiopeia6.4Oct-Dec
C14*NGC 869 & 884Double Cluster, H & χ PerseiOpen ClusterPerseus4Nov-Dec
C15NGC 6826Blinking PlanetaryPlanetary NebulaCygnus10Aug-Sep
C16NGC 7243 Open ClusterLacerta6.4Sep-Oct
C17NGC 147 Dwarf Spheroidal GalaxyCassiopeia9.3Oct-Dec
C18NGC 185 Dwarf Spheroidal GalaxyCassiopeia9.2Oct-Dec
C19IC 5146Cocoon NebulaOpen Cluster and NebulaCygnus7.2Aug-Sep
C20NGC 7000North America NebulaNebulaCygnus4Aug-Sep
C21NGC 4449 Irregular galaxyCanes Venatici9.4Apr-May
C22NGC 7662Blue SnowballPlanetary NebulaAndromeda9Oct-Nov
C23NGC 891 Spiral GalaxyAndromeda10Oct-Nov
C24NGC 1275Perseus AType-cD galaxyPerseus11.6Nov-Dec
C25NGC 2419 Globular ClusterLynx10.4Jan-Mar
C26NGC 4244 Spiral GalaxyCanes Venatici10.2Apr-May
C27NGC 6888Crescent NebulaNebulaCygnus7.4Aug-Sep
C28NGC 752 Open ClusterAndromeda5.7Oct-Nov
C29NGC 5005 Spiral GalaxyCanes Venatici9.8Apr-May
C30NGC 7331 Spiral GalaxyPegasus9.5Sep-Oct
C31IC 405Flaming Star NebulaNebulaAurigaDec-Feb
C32NGC 4631Whale GalaxyBarred Spiral GalaxyCanes Venatici9.3Apr-May
C33NGC 6992East Veil NebulaSupernova RemnantCygnusAug-Sep
C34NGC 6960West Veil NebulaSupernova RemnantCygnusAug-Sep
C35NGC 4889 Type-cD galaxyComa Berenices11.4Apr-May
C36NGC 4559 Spiral GalaxyComa Berenices9.9Apr-May
C37NGC 6885 Open ClusterVulpecula6Aug-Sep
C38NGC 4565Needle GalaxySpiral GalaxyComa Berenices9.6Apr-May
C39NGC 2392Eskimo Nebula/Clown Face NebulaPlanetary NebulaGemini10Jan-Feb
C40NGC 3626 Spiral GalaxyLeo10.9Mar-Apr
C41Mel 25HyadesOpen ClusterTaurus0.5Dec-Jan
C42NGC 7006 Globular ClusterDelphinus10.6Aug-Sep
C43NGC 7814 Spiral GalaxyPegasus10.5Sep-Oct
C44NGC 7479 Barred Spiral GalaxyPegasus11Sep-Oct
C45NGC 5248 Spiral GalaxyBoötes10.2May-Jun
C46NGC 2261Hubble’s Variable NebulaNebulaMonocerosJan-Feb
C47NGC 6934 Globular ClusterDelphinus8.9Aug-Sep
C48NGC 2775 Spiral GalaxyCancer10.3Feb-Mar
C49NGC 2237Rosette NebulaNebulaMonoceros9Jan-Feb
C50NGC 2244 Open ClusterMonoceros4.8Jan-Feb
C51IC 1613 Irregular galaxyCetus9.3Oct-Dec
C52NGC 4697 Elliptical galaxyVirgo9.3Apr-Jun
C53NGC 3115Spindle GalaxyLenticular GalaxySextans9.2Mar-Apr
C54NGC 2506 Open ClusterMonoceros7.6Jan-Feb
C55NGC 7009Saturn NebulaPlanetary NebulaAquarius8Aug-Oct
C56NGC 246 Planetary NebulaCetus8Oct-Dec
C57NGC 6822Barnard’s GalaxyBarred irregular galaxySagittarius9Jul-Aug
C58NGC 2360 Open ClusterCanis Major7.2Jan-Feb
C59NGC 3242Ghost of JupiterPlanetary NebulaHydra9Feb-Jun
C60NGC 4038Antennae GalaxiesGalaxyCorvus10.7Apr-May
C61NGC 4039Antennae GalaxiesInteracting galaxyCorvus13Apr-May
C62NGC 247 Spiral GalaxyCetus8.9Oct-Dec
C63NGC 7293Helix NebulaPlanetary NebulaAquarius7.3Aug-Oct
C64NGC 2362 Open Cluster and NebulaCanis Major4.1Jan-Feb
C65NGC 253Sculptor GalaxyGalaxySculptor7.1Oct-Nov
C66NGC 5694 Globular ClusterHydra10.2Feb-Jun
C67NGC 1097 GalaxyFornax9.3Nov-Dec
C68NGC 6729R CrA NebulaNebulaCorona AustralisJul-Aug
C69NGC 6302Bug NebulaPlanetary NebulaScorpius13Jun-Jul
C70NGC 300 GalaxySculptor9Oct-Nov
C71NGC 2477 Open ClusterPuppis5.8Jan-Feb
C72NGC 55 GalaxySculptor8Oct-Nov
C73NGC 1851 Globular ClusterColumba7.3Jan
C74NGC 3132Eight Burst NebulaPlanetary NebulaVela8Feb-Apr
C75NGC 6124 Open ClusterScorpius5.8Jun-Jul
C76NGC 6231 Open Cluster and NebulaScorpius2.6Jun-Jul
C77NGC 5128Centaurus AGalaxyCentaurus7Apr-Jun
C78NGC 6541 Globular ClusterCorona Australis6.6Jul-Aug
C79NGC 3201 Globular ClusterVela6.8Feb-Apr
C80NGC 5139Omega CentauriGlobular ClusterCentaurus3.7Apr-Jun
C81NGC 6352 Globular ClusterAra8.2Jun-Jul
C82NGC 6193 Open ClusterAra5.2Jun-Jul
C83NGC 4945 GalaxyCentaurus9Apr-Jun
C84NGC 5286 Globular ClusterCentaurus7.6Apr-Jun
C85IC 2391Omicron Velorum ClusterOpen ClusterVela2.5Feb-Apr
C86NGC 6397 Globular ClusterAra5.7Jun-Jul
C87NGC 1261 Globular ClusterHorologium8.4Nov-Dec
C88NGC 5823 Open ClusterCircinus7.9May-Jun
C89S Norma ClusterOpen ClusterNorma5.4Jun
C90NGC 2867 Planetary NebulaCarina10Jan-Apr
C91NGC 3532Wishing Well ClusterOpen ClusterCarina3Jan-Apr
C92NGC 3372Eta Carinae NebulaNebulaCarina3Jan-Apr
C93NGC 6752 Globular ClusterPavo5.4Jul-Sep
C94NGC 4755Jewel BoxOpen ClusterCrux4.2Apr-May
C95NGC 6025 Open ClusterTriangulum Australe5.1Jun-Jul
C96NGC 2516 Open ClusterCarina3.8Jan-Apr
C97NGC 3766Pearl ClusterOpen ClusterCentaurus5.3Apr-Jun
C98NGC 4609 Open ClusterCrux6.9Apr-May
C99Coalsack NebulaDark NebulaCruxApr-May
C100IC 2944Lambda Centauri NebulaOpen Cluster and NebulaCentaurus4.5Apr-Jun
C101NGC 6744 GalaxyPavo9Jul-Sep
C102IC 2602Theta Car ClusterOpen ClusterCarina1.9Jan-Apr
C103NGC 2070Tarantula NebulaOpen Cluster and NebulaDorado8.2Dec-Jan
C104NGC 362 Globular ClusterTucana6.6Sep-Nov
C105NGC 4833 Globular ClusterMusca7.4Apr-May
C106NGC 10447 TucanaeGlobular ClusterTucana4Sep-Nov
C107NGC 6101 Globular ClusterApus9.3May-Jul
C108NGC 4372 Globular ClusterMusca7.8Apr-May
C109NGC 3195 Planetary NebulaChamaeleon11.6Feb-May

* These fourteen objects are not visible from the Macarthur latitude of 34° S, a more northerly location is required.