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We welcome new members into our friendly Society. We have members who are experienced and we have many who are just starting out in astronomy; also many in between. Ownership of optical equipment is not essential. All you need is an enquiring mind and a love of the night sky.

If you are interested in astronomy and you are considering joining the Society, please read the following details about membership:

Membership Period

The MAS annual membership period begins on 1st March and expires on the last day of February.

Discounted Annual Membership Fees: New Members

New members pay a pro-rata portion of the annual membership fee, in Australian dollars, plus a joining fee. The fee is based on the the number of months remaining in the current financial year.

Membership Fees For 2023-24

Applicable from 1st January 2023:

If you join in January or February, please also pay for the following financial year.

Months to Pay ForIndividualFull FamilyLimited FamilyStudent 18+PensionerJoining

Examples for pro-rata membership sought in August 2023:

  • Individual membership will cost $33.83 + $17.00 = $50.83
  • Family membership will cost $50.75 + $17.00 = $67.75
  • Limited family membership will cost $25.38 + $17.00 = $42.38
  • Student or pensioner concession membership will cost $25.38 + $17.00 = $42.38.

If you have any problems or need further information please contact the Membership Officer at:

New Membership Applications

Please download the membership form and print it. Fill it out and submit it to us at

Your Submission

  1. The scheduled Joining Fee must be included with your pro-rata membership payment and you must submit a completed membership application form.
  2. If applying for family membership, please provide a separate e-mail address for each person (if possible).
  3. Membership is subject to formal acceptance by the Management Committee.
  4. Fees are non-refundable.

What Next?

Contact the Society at advising us of the amount paid, your name(s), home address, telephone number and e-mail addresses

Your membership will be proposed to the Management Committee. Following this, you will be advised if your membership has been accepted.

Your membership commences at the date of formal acceptance. You are invited to attend our monthly Forum meetings whilst waiting for membership approval.

We really try hard to respond by e-mail to new applications as quickly as we can, but if you have not heard from us within twenty-one days, please contact the Membership Officer at

Persons Under 18

Persons under the age of 18 will be accepted as family members, along with one or both of their parents and/or guardians.

We require persons under the age of 18 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to any event.

Parents and legal guardians may nominate a family member 18 years or older or other trusted person to accompany and act as guardian for the person under 18 years, in writing to the Secretary.

Voting rights are limited to adult membership.

Two levels of discounted membership are available for families.

Full Family Membership

Full Family Membership is for two adults and their immediate children under the age of eighteen years.

Limited Family Membership

Limited Family Membership is for one adult and a maximum of one of their immediate children under the age of eighteen years.

Student Membership

Students must be over eighteen and studying full-time at university, college or school.

Pensioner Membership

Pensioners must be eligible to receive a government support or aged pension and/or be a retired person sixty years old or over.

Further Information

Please e-mail:  for further information regarding:

  • Submission of membership forms,
  • Submissions of membership fees,
  • Eligibility for membership,
  • Benefits of membership,
  • Lack of response to your application within 21 days,
  • Membership privileges prior to committee acceptance of applications.

MAS contact with members between meetings is predominantly based on the website and e-mail. We avoid using the postal system.

If you need to contact us by mail you may write to PO Box 17, Minto, NSW 2566 but please note that clearing the MAS mail box is irregular and long delays may occur.

Please visit the Payments page for our range of payment options.

If you are already a current member, you are on the wrong page. Please go the Membership Renewals page.