This information page is specific to our observing sessions held at Wooglemai. For broader MAS protocols which are applicable to all observing locations please read:
Field Nights – Essential Information 

Wooglemai is a dark sky site suitable for intermediate and advanced astronomers. Sessions are for financial members only.

The property is owned and leased to us on observing nights by the custodians of Wooglemai Environmental Education Centre. The site is owned by Guntawang Catholic Youth Centres Inc. and is leased by the NSW Department of Education.

We acknowledge the Gundungurra and Dharawal people, the traditional custodians of this site and surrounding areas.

Members Only

Our field nights at Wooglemai are not open to the general public. We prefer not to invite visitors, for insurance and other reasons. If there is a good reason why you think you might wish to bring a friend or family member, please discuss this with the President at least 48 hours in advance.

Admission is $30.00 per session, whether staying overnight or not.

The absolute minimum attendance is two members, although for safety reasons the preferred number is three.


Wooglemai observing dates are intended for a Saturday close to New Moon but this may vary and may not be every month.

Upcoming dates are listed on the Notice Board page.

If a scheduled night is cancelled due to weather, it is unlikely that another night will be selected. (However a Stargard session may be arranged).


Address:Wooglemai Environmental Education Centre, Sheehys Creek Rd, Oakdale.
Coordinates: 150° 30′ 01” E, 34° 08′ 06” S.
Elevation:  468m above sea level.
Night temperatures: Extremely cold.
Access road: Narrow, unsealed and needs to be navigated slowly and carefully. Look for the large orange signs.
Weather outlook:Wooglemai has been added to the list of observing sites on the NSW meteogram section of Cloud Free Night website.

The area surrounding the field is home to many wild creatures. Please respect their habitat.

General Field Etiquette

Please read our Field Nights page for our general protocols, customs and courtesies at observing sessions wherever they may be held.

Astronomy is a dark sky activity and attendees must carry a red torch at all times.

Arrival and/or Departure

Please arrive in daylight, in time to observe obstacles and setup before sunset.

We are not permitted to drive on any field if it is damp enough to leave tyre impressions.

Facilities & Services

Wooglemai is an environmentally friendly site, operating in accordance with sustainability principles and minimising resource use and waste leaving the site.

240 volt power:Not available. We require our own battery power for equipment.
Cooking facilitiesKitchen with gas cooking and two fridges; external barbecue.
Mobile reception:Check when you arrive.
Drinking water Chlorinated rainwater suitable for human consumption.
Toilet and washing facilities?Yes.
Shops, services & other facilities:Oakdale, 7 km.
Waste disposal:Take all rubbish home.