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Astronomy in the Macarthur Region of SW Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Campbelltown, Camden, Liverpool and Wollondilly.

Frank Alvaro

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What We Do

We hold dark sky observing sessions for our members.

We organise the Macarthur Astronomy Forum, bringing local and international professional astronomers to address us on their research.

We organise community astronomy nights at Campbelltown Rotary Observatory at Western Sydney University and we collaborate with local institutions to broaden public understanding of the Universe.

Macarthur Astronomy Forum

Monthly Meetings with Guest Speakers.

During the pandemic our meetings are held online for members only. Logging in is simple and easy.

When we return to “normal” our meetings will again be held at Western Sydney University (Campbelltown) and be open to the public.

See Notice Board for further details.

June Guest Speaker

Prof Roberto Soria

(University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.)

The Sagittarius A* Black Hole

Monday 20th June

See Notice Board for further details.

July Guest Speaker

Dr Simon Ellis

(Macquarie University)

The Origin of Galactic Positrons

Monday 18th July

See Notice Board for further details.

August Guest Speaker

Prof Joss Bland- Hawthorn.

(University of Sydney)

Monday 15th Aug

See Notice Board for further details.

September Guest Speaker

Dr Luke Barnes

(Western Sydney University)

Monday 19th September

See Notice Board for further details.

October Guest Speaker

Dr Emil Lenc


Monday 17th October

See Notice Board for further details.

November Guest Speaker

Malcolm Ellis


Monday 21st November

See Notice Board for further details.

Patron of MAS & Guest Speaker 5th December

Professor Geraint Lewis

Cosmologist, Astrophysicist, Teacher, Author, Public Speaker

Professor of Astrophysics at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy, part of the University of Sydney’s School of Physics and a regular guest speaker at MAS.

Geraint’s Home page

Members Articles

Telescopes, Amateur Astronomy & More

A collection of articles written by our members.
Visit here to read about practical astronomy or contribute a new article.

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Beginners Workshops

Learning To Use Your Telescope

A great opportunity to meet other members, find your way around the sky and learn how to get the most out of your telescope.

See Workshop page

MAS Tours

Local and International

We organise tours for members to visit astronomical facilities.
Past tours have included observatories in NSW, Canberra, China, Peru and Chile. Tours are suspended during the pandemic.

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Join MAS

Expand Your Universe

If you are curious about the Universe that we live in, you will be very welcome to join MAS.
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