Stargard is the name MAS uses for the observing field at The Oaks which we share with the Pony Club. It is part of the Dudley Chesham Sports Ground at The Oaks, owned by Wollondilly Council. The Oaks Airport is alongside.

It is the furthest of three fields from the main entrance.


Admission is free to financial members.

Please contact the President or Vice-President before inviting non-members to attend.

A minimum of two members must be in attendance, although for safety reasons the preferred number is three.

New Members

Members who have not yet purchased a telescope and wish to familiarise themselves with th different types of equipment which other members are using are welcome to attend and seek advice from more experienced members.


Stargard observing dates are scheduled for at least one night per lunar cycle. If a scheduled night is cancelled due to weather, another night may be selected.

Arrival and/or Departure

Members are requested to always close the main gate and throw the bolt (without padlocking it) after passing through. This is to permit entry or egress by other members but to discourage entry by non-authorised people. Gates 2 & 3 will remain open during the session.

The last members to leave must securely padlock all three gates.

Power Supply

240 volt mains power is not available, so you will require your own battery power and preferably a spare one too.


We regret that toilet facilities are not available at the observing field but are available elsewhere within the sports ground. We have asked the Council to consider providing closer facilities.

Key Holders

Key holders names and phone numbers are listed on the “Contact the Committee” page, accessible only to logged in members. We suggest you keep these numbers handy in the event that you get lost or locked out.


Please study the map carefully before travelling for the first time.