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Observing nights are dependent on weather conditions and covid restrictions.

Sat 07 AugStargard CANCELLED Members private observingSS 5.20 pm
MR 6.37 am
Mon 16 AugMacarthur Astronomy Forum OnlineDr Emil Lenc (CSIRO)7.15 pm for
7.30 pm start
Sat 28 AugStargardMembers private observingSS 5.34 pm
MR 11.07 pm
Sat 4th SepStargardMembers private observingSS 5.39 pm
MR 5.13 am
Mon 20th SepMacarthur Astronomy Forum OnlineDr Kirsten Banks (USYD)7.15 pm for
7.30 pm start
Sat 2nd OctStargardMembers private observingSS 5.58 pm
MR 4.46 am
Sat 9th OctStargardMembers private observingSS 7.04 pm
MS 10.16 pm
Mon 18th OctMacarthur Astronomy Forum OnlineProf Tim Bedding (USYD)7.15 pm for
7.30 pm start
Sat 30th OctStargardMembers private observingSS 7.21 pm
MR 3.18 pm

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Management Committee 2021-22

President: John Rombi.
Vice-President: Noel Sharpe;  Secretary: Richard Curley;  Treasurer: Andy Milton.
Mentoring & Outreach: Phillip Kidd; Telescope Custodian: Greg Bradford; Membership: Dave Manning.

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In the event of a doubtful weather forecast, events may be either cancelled, postponed or brought forward. If an event is in doubt, before setting out, members should check both here and our social media pages.

Members must contact John Rombi to reserve a place before travelling. Members attending must comply with strict social distancing and other public health requirements. Masks are preferred.

Stargard sessions are normally scheduled for Saturdays, because we recognise the need of members who may have weekday jobs to go to. In the event of poor conditions, Stargard sessions will be postponed or even brought forward and may be held on any day. See also our Observing page and Field Etiquette page.