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✨ 👀 May 2024: A Matter of Astronomical Concern

The current issue of Astronomy Year Australia, published annually by Quasar astronomy since 1991, could be the last.

This stupendous annual reference work has been an indispensable night sky aid to amateur and professional astronomers for thirty-four years. My copy is never beyond easy reach – and to lose it would be like losing a limb.

However, the author’s introduction in Astronomy 2024 reads:

“Our future is uncertain at this stage……..Currently, we haven’t made a final decision on whether to continue with our 2025 edition. Although we would like to, we cannot guarantee anything at this point.”

The book was published about seven months ago but there is no reference to the statement on their website. Let’s hope that, despite dwindling sales, the authors will find a way to remain a part of our lives.

EDIT 20th May: Good news! It seems Astronomy 2025 is going to proceed, so I hope they have found a permanent solution.

Roger Powell

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Macarthur Astronomy Forum

Monday 17th June

Prof Roberto Soria

Macarthur Astronomy Forum is open to MAS members, WSU students and the general public. No admission fee (maybe if you come more than a couple of times you might like to think about becoming an MAS member). Gold coin donations appreciated. The Forums are held in lecture theatre 30 in the School of Medicine (Building 30), Goldsmith Avenue, WSU Campbelltown Campus. You can find a location map and details by following this link.

📣 Members Event Diary

1st June
At The Oaks
Observing evening
SS 4.55 pm, MR 1.49 am
8th June
At Oakdale
Observing night
SS 4.53 pm, MS 6.12 pm
8th June
At The Oaks
Observing evening
SS 4.53 pm, MS 6.12 pm
17th June
Macarthur Astronomy Forum
at WSU
Guest Speaker: Prof Roberto Soria (INAF)
29th June
At The Oaks
Observing evening
SS 4.57 pm, 12.48 am

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