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October Guest Speaker

Prof Tim Bedding

University of Sydney

Monday 18th October Online. 

Planets and star quakes with NASA’s Kepler and TESS Missions

NASA’s Kepler and TESS Mission have monitored the brightness of hundreds of thousands of stars, watching for the tiny dips in light caused by a transiting planet.

They have discovered thousands of extra-solar planets, indicating that they are relatively common.

Meanwhile, the data are also being used to measure “star quakes”, which are oscillations of stars that give valuable information about their internal structures.

Covid Safe Observing Nights

Update for Members

Stargard has been closed since June. As restrictions for those fully vaccinated are lifted this month, Covid Safe outdoor gatherings will be permitted and we are planning to return for our next scheduled members only observing sessions on 30th October and 6th November.

This will be conditional on Wollondilly Council approval to use their venue; and attendees will be subject to any relevant NSW public health orders which remain in place.

MAS will require Stargard attendees to confirm full vaccination status and login to an MAS Stargard QR Code.

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Coming Up

Observing nights are dependent on weather conditions and NSW public health orders.

Mon 18th OctMacarthur Astronomy Forum OnlineProf Tim Bedding (USyd)7.15 pm for
7.30 pm start
Sat 30th OctStargardMembers private observingSS 7.21 pm
MR 3.18 pm
Sat 6th NovStargardMembers private observing SS 7.28 pm
MS 9.08 pm
Mon 15th NovMacarthur Astronomy Forum Online Dr Devika Kamath (Maq Uni)7.15 pm for
7.30 pm start
Sat 27th NovStargardMembers private observing SS 7.48 pm
MR 1.49 am
Sat 4th DecStargard* Members private observing SS 7.54 pm
New Moon 6.45 pm*
Mon 6th DecMacarthur Astronomy Forum Online Prof. Geraint Lewis (USyd)7.15 pm for
7.30 pm start
Members private observing


The partial solar eclipse occurring at New Moon on 4th December, will not be visible in Macarthur. It can be seen only in Tasmania and parts of Victoria, requiring a clear horizon view just prior to sunset.

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In the event of a doubtful weather forecast, events may be either cancelled, postponed or brought forward. If an event is in doubt, before setting out, members should check both here and our social media pages.

Members must contact John Rombi to reserve a place before travelling. Members attending must comply with strict physical distancing rules and other public health requirements. Masks are preferred.

Stargard sessions are normally scheduled for Saturdays, because we recognise the need of members who may have weekday jobs to go to. In the event of poor conditions, Stargard sessions will be postponed or even brought forward and may be held on any day. See also our Observing page and Field Etiquette page.