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Ad Infinitum
(On the immensity of space)
Beyond our Solar System’s sway
Beyond the sparkling clusters
Beyond the diffuse nebulae
With blazing stars to light ‘em,
Beyond our local Milky Way
Where matter darkly musters,
Past galaxy on galaxy,
And on, ad infinitum.
(© R Bee 2006)

AGM Election

An election was held on 20th April 2021. Congratulations to those elected:

President: John Rombi; Vice President: Noel Sharpe; Secretary: Richard Curley; Treasurer: Andy Milton;

Membership Officer: Henry Swierk; Committee Members: Phil Kidd; Greg Bradford; Dave Manning.

Annual Report

Coming Up

Sat 08 MayStargardMembers private observingSS 5.08 pm
MR 3.56 am
Sat 15 MayStargardMembers private observingSS 5.03 pm
MS 7.24 pm
Sat 15 MayMt Annan Botanic GardenPublic viewingSS 5.03 pm
MS 7.24 pm
Mon 17 MayMacarthur Astronomy ForumGuest Speaker: Dr Ashley Ruiter (UNSW Canberra)7.15 pm for 7.30 pm start

In the event of forecast inclement weather, events may be either cancelled, postponed or brought forward. If an event is in doubt, before setting out, members should check both here and our social media pages.

The Forums are held on the third Monday of the month (Jan-Nov) and an earlier Monday in December. They are normally held publicly at Western Sydney University (Campbelltown Campus) but during the public health crisis are being held online, for members only.

Macarthur Astronomy Forum

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Dr Ashley Ruiter (UNSW Canberra)


Monday 17th May

Venue and Time

The meeting will be held online for members by invitation only: 7.15 pm for a 7.30 pm start. Topic to follow.

Lunar Eclipse

26th May

A total Lunar eclipse will be fully visible here in Macarthur on Wednesday 26th May, lasting 18 minutes. Look for the Moon rising in the East, as the Moon moves into the Earth’s full shadow at 7.45 pm. Details are as follows:

EVENTTIME (Eastern Standard Time)
Moonrise4.46 pm
Sunset4.56 pm
Penumbral eclipse begins6.46 pm
Umbral eclipse begins7.45 pm
Total eclipse begins9.10 pm
Greatest eclipse9.19 pm
Total eclipse ends9.28 pm
Umbral eclipse ends10.53 pm
Penumbral eclipse ends11.51 pm

Further information: NASA Lunar Eclipse Page and Wikipedia Lunar Eclipse page.

Members Notices

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Membership Fees

Annual memberships expired on 28th February. If you haven’t renewed for 2021-22 please do so now. On 1st May all unrenewed memberships will be expunged and a joining fee will be charged if you reapply for membership after that date.

Management Committee 2021-22

President: John Rombi.
Vice-President: Noel Sharpe;  Secretary: Richard Curley;  Treasurer: Andy Milton; Membership: Henry Swierk
Committee Positions: Phillip Kidd (Mentoring); Greg Bradford (Telescope Custodian);  Dave Manning.

Logging On

Members are reminded that enhanced menu facilities are available to you when logged in here. If you lose your password, simply request another from the login point. If you have any difficulties with logging on or see other issues relating the website, please refer them to

Don’t forget to tell us if  your e-mail address changes. E-mail is our primary means of direct communication with all our members. Please contact Henry Swierk with your new details at

Members Observing Sessions

Members must contact John Rombi to reserve a place before travelling. Members attending must comply with strict social distancing and other public health requirements. Masks are preferred.

Members Sessions

Regrettably, for the forseeable future, the Forest Cabin observing location will not be available to members for New Moon weekends. New Moon Saturdays will be rescheduled for Stargard. Members must contact John Rombi to reserve a place before travelling to Stargard and are reminded to maintain strict social distancing. Masks are preferred.

Stargard sessions are normally scheduled for Saturdays, because we recognise the need of members who may have jobs to go to. In the event of poor conditions, Stargard sessions will be postponed or even brought forward and may be held on any day. Before travelling, members should check this page and the Facebook page for updates. See also our Observing page and Field Etiquette page.