Outreach Services

Image credit: John Rombi

What We Do

MAS offers public outreach services to non-commercial and commercial organisations in SW Sydney. Our members love sharing their passion for the Universe by collaborating with local organisations and engaging with the community.

The number of public outreach events we can commit to each year is limited and we require plenty of advance warning to enable us to fit your event into our members own busy observing schedule, which is dependent on the phases of the Moon.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

–  Telescope Viewing Events.
–  Astronomy & Spaceflight Talks.
–  Mentoring.
–  Astronomical Equipment Maintenance.

What You Do

Our commitment to your event will be dependent on two things: 1) a mutually agreed date; and 2) receipt and approval of a formal request from your organisation, for MAS to participate in your event, to be made using the appropriate ‘Request For Services’ form:

Request For Services Form – Non-commercial

Request For Services Form – Commercial

Availability and conditions for MAS Outreach Services are specified in the Terms and Conditions section of the forms.

We are happy to discuss potential events and proposed dates in advance by e-mail to:  contact@macastro.org.au

The appropriate form (Non-commercial or Commercial) should be completed and signed by an authorised representative of the organisation, complete with supporting attachments. Please return it to the email address at the bottom of the form.

The <Email> and <Print> buttons on the forms will generate a correctly addressed email and print to your default printer on most PCs.  The <Email MAS> button will generate a request for further information, or have an MAS representative contact you.

Working With Children

Our participating members are accredited by: NSW Working With Children Check

If you or a family member are showing any symptoms of covid, influenza or the common cold etc. please do not attend any of our events.