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Cloud Free Nights
An astronomy based website with specific options for Campbelltown, The Oaks, Wooglemai and Belanglo, listing the Access-C, Access-G and GFS computer models. The leading source for astronomy with a trove of Australian astro-weather information to explore.
MeteologixA general weather site – but with the very significant advantage of listing seven different weather prediction models, including the Access-G model, from one page. Easily flip between the models to compare cloud forecasts.
MeteoblueA vital astronomy site with hourly cloud percentages and predicted seeing details
Details for our three observing sites are embedded below, for your convenience. Hit “More” for additional detail but this leaves MAS website. It is unclear which prediction model is used.
Clear OutsideGives hourly cloud modelling, together with sky quality predictions.
The source of the modelling is unclear.
The Oaks:

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Weather Forecasting for Amateur Astronomers

Cloud Free Nights

“Cloud Free Night” is a weather forecasting site created specifically for Australian astronomers.

You can obtain detailed cloud data on your device for our three home sites by opening the Cloud Free Night website.

Select an observing location; choose “Dark Sky” from the top menu; and always select “D1” for the latest model.


Scroll down for embedded Meteoblue temperature/humidity/cloud cover/visibility information for our three observing sites: Campbelltown Rotary Observatory; Stargard at The Oaks; and Belanglo Forest. For more details, right click “More” to leave MAS and go directly to the full Meteoblue Astronomical Seeing page for that site.



The Oaks