Two Month Membership Renewal Period

Members are respectfully requested to make their annual renewal payments no sooner than 1st March and no later than 30th April.

Annual Membership Renewal Cycle

Last day of February:End of MAS financial year.
1st March:New Financial Year. Two month membership renewal period commences.
30th April:Renewal period ends.
1st May:Non-renewed memberships expunged.


Please visit the Payments page for payment options. All fees are in Australian dollars and are non-refundable. However, in certain cases the committee may agree to a refund.

To avoid confusion, please clearly identify yourself in the payment description, together with the purpose of the payment. e.g. “Membership renewal fee from your name“.

If you are in financial difficulties or unable to pay on time, please contact the Membership Officer at

Annual Membership Fees: Renewals Only

Membership Grade (Members)2023-20242024-25
Individual Membership$58.00$58.00
Full Family Membership*$87.00$87.00
Limited Family Membership*$43.50$43.50
Student Over 18 Membership*$43.50$43.50
Pensioner/Senior Card Membership*$43.50$43.50
Rejoining Fee**$17.00$17.00

This schedule of fee rates was first applied in 2023-24.

*See below for details of Family, Student and Pensioner Membership.

**Membership renewals are due from 1st March. The re-joining fee applies to membership renewals received after 30th April.

Persons Under 18

We require persons under the age of 18 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to any MAS event.

Persons under the age of 18 will be accepted as family members, along with one or both of their parents and/or guardians.

Parents and legal guardians may nominate a family member 18 years or older or other trusted person to accompany and act as guardian for the person under 18 years, in writing to the Secretary.

Voting rights are limited to adult membership.

Family Membership

Full Family Membership is for up to two adults and may include a maximum of two of their immediate children under the age of eighteen years.

Limited Family Membership is for one adult and a maximum of one of their immediate children under the age of eighteen years.

Student Membership

Students must be over eighteen and studying full-time at university, college or school.

Pensioner Membership

Pensioners must be eligible to receive a government support or aged pension and/or be a retired person sixty years old or over.


This is a renewals page. Prospective new members (including members who did not renew by 30th April) should visit our Join MAS page for joining details.

Have you changed your e-mail address or other contact details? Please let the Membership Officer know.

For all membership enquiries, please e-mail: