Return & Earn


Members have been issued with an MAS recycling card. Keep it in your wallet or car glove box.

The MAS Return & Earn bottle recycling account is successfully processing funds into our Paypal account. There is a small barcode to use – just file it in your phone under photos etc or print a copy for the wallet or purse.

Right click to download a copy:

Donating to our Return & Earn account is available at automated machines 365 days a year anywhere in NSW. When you go to the recycling machine, just scan the barcode.

If you have lost your card, you can right click to download a printable copy:

When you scan the barcode, the screen will show “Macarthur Astronomical Society” and the conveyor will start. Put your recycling into the machine. When finished, touch the “Payout” button on the bottom right of the screen (some older machines may show Paypal, use that – do not hit the Donate button) – that’s it.

There’s a Return and Earn location near you.

Return and Earn website.