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The Universe is expanding and so is our scientific knowledge of it. Our aim is to spread this knowledge to our members and the public.

Macarthur Astronomical Society organises the Macarthur Astronomy Forum as a platform for notable Australian and international astronomers to share their discoveries about the Universe with the Macarthur community – in a non-technical format which is understandable to non-scientists. 

We hope to have as many in-person speakers as possible at our Forums, although occasionally a speaker may choose to Zoom their talks into the meeting.

The Forums are held 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm on a Monday of each month.

Details of our next Forum can be found on our News & Events page. Go to our Forum Map page for details of how to get there.

Guest Speakers 2020-2023

A Historical Guest Speaker List for 2003-2019 is available > here <

Guest Speaker List 2024

15th JanWSU Dr Ciaran O’Hare (USYD) Astroparticle physics: How the biggest objects in the Universe are influenced by its tiniest constituents.
19th FebWSU Dr Stefania Barsanti (ANU)The spinning of galaxies in the web of our Universe.
18th MarWSU Prof Ray Norris (WSU)
Via Zoom
Odd Radio Circles: Giant explosions in distant galaxies.
15th AprWSU AGM + Phil Kidd (MAS)tba
20th MayWSU Dr Laura Driessen (USYD)tba
17th JunWSU tbatba
15th JulyWSUDr Brad Tucker (ANU)tba
19th AugWSUProf Jonti Horner (USEQ) Via ZOOMtba
16th SepWSUtbatba
21st OctWSUProf Richard de Grijs (Macquarie Uni)tba
18th NovWSUDr Tayyaba Zafar (Macq Uni)tba
2nd DecWSUProf Geraint Lewis (USYD)tba

Guest Speaker List 2023

16 Jan Zoom David Nelson (MAS member) Meteorites 101
21 FebZoomDr Jonty MarshallSpilling The Secrets Of Exoplanets
20 MarZoomSarah Caddy (Macq Uni)The Huntsman Telescope at the AAO
17 AprZoomAGM then Prof Charley Lineweaver (ANU)The Galactic Habitable Zone
15 MayZoomProf Jonti Horner (USQ)The Search for Alien Worlds
19 JunZoomDr Brad Tucker (ANU)Space Telescopes, Exploding Stars, and Dark Energy
17 JulZoomProf Matthew Bailes (Swinburne)Exploring Einstein’s Universe (Postponed)
14 AugWSUProf Joss Bland-Hawthorn (USYD)|(Zoom)A Front Row Seat on the Daily Life of Supermassive Black Holes
4 SepWSUProf Matthew Bailes (Swinburne)Exploring Einstein’s Universe
18 SepWSUDr Doris Grosse (ANU)Twinkle, Twinkle Little Junk
16 OctWSUProf Geraint Lewis (USYD)
Super Massive Black Holes and Time in the Early Universe
20 NovWSUDr Luke Barnes (WSU)Is there life out there in the Universe?
04 DecWSUDr Lucyna ChudczerAustralia partnering the European Southern Observatory

Guest Speaker List 2022

17 JanZoom Dr Devika Kamath (MaqU) Unravelling Chemical Diversity Shaping our Universe.
21 FebZoom Dr Brad Tucker (ANU) Shocking Supernova & discovering progenitors.
21 MarZoom Prof Roberto Soria (UCAS)Revisiting the expansion of the universe.
18 AprZoom Dr Tayyaba Zafar (Macq Uni)+AGMDistant faint galaxies, like an Easter Egg hunt
16 May
Prof Charley Lineweaver (ANU)The Origin of the Universe from ‘Nothing’.
20 JunZoom Prof Roberto Soria (UCAS)Sagittarius A* Black Hole.
18 JulZoomDr Simon Ellis (Macq Uni)MAVIS, for the Very Large Telescope in Chile.
29 AugZoomProf Joss Bland-Hawthorn (USYD)Giant waves across the Milky Way.
22 SepZoomDr Luke Barnes (WSU) Aristotle, Newton, Einstein.
17 OctZoomDr Emil Lenc (ATNF)ASKAP.
21 NovZoom Malcolm Ellis (MAS member)Neutrino Telescopes.
05 DecZoom Prof Geraint Lewis (USYD)Dark Matter & Dark Energy.

Guest Speaker List 2021

18 JanZoom Dr Devika Kamath (Maq Uni)Cosmic Alchemy: Origin of elements in the Universe.
15 FebZoom Dr Tayyaba Zafar (AAO)Dust: Wipe It Or Keep It, It’s Ubiquitous
15 MarZoom Dr Brett Addison (USQ)Exoplanets, TESS & Minerva-Australis Telescope.
20 AprZoom Dr Angel Lopez SanchezObserving with The AAT – LIVE!
17 MayZoom Dr Ashley Ruiter (UNSW Can) White dwarfs in close binaries: Type 1a supernovae to LISA
21 JunZoom Prof Geraint Lewis (USYD) Do I expand with the universe? Understanding cosmology
19 JulZoom Dr Jonty Marshall (ASIAA) Rocks fall, everything fries: the fate of comets around stars.
16 AugZoom Dr Emil Lenc (CSIRO) An ASKAP update – Episode II – Attack of the Pilots.
20 SepZoom Dr Kirsten Banks (UNSW) Diving deep inside stars.
18 OctZoom Prof Tim Bedding (USYD) Planets & starquakes: NASA’s Kepler & TESS Missions.
15 NovCancelledDr Devika Kamath (Maq U) Unravelling the Chemical Diversity Shaping our Universe.
06 DecZoom Prof Geraint Lewis (USYD) From the quantum to the cosmos.

Guest Speaker List 2020

20 JanWSURic Forster (MAS)How radio telescopes create an image.
17 FebWSUProf Fred WatsonCosmic chronicles.
16 MarCancelledProf Tim BeddingPlanets & Starquakes: NASA’s Keppler/TESS Missions.
20 AprCancelledLes DalrympleAGM held on Zoom.
18 MayZoomDr Luke Barnes (UWS)Cosmic Revolutionary’s Handbook.
15 JunZoomDr Lucyna ChudczerInfrastructure for Australian Astronomers.
20 JulZoomProf Roberto SoriaGalaxies, Galaxy Clusters, Mass & Dark Matter.
17 AugZoomDr Emil Lenc (ASKAP)ASKAP Update – Let the Science Begin!
21 SepZoomProf Michael Wheatland (USYD)Solar Activity.
19 OctZoomProf Geraint Lewis (USYD)The Southern Stellar Stream Spectroscopic Survey (S5).
16 NovZoomProf Charley Lineweaver (ANU)Progress in the Search for Life Beyond Earth.
07 DecZoomDr Brad Tucker (ANU)Ultraviolet Astronomy from High-Altitude Balloons.
A Historical Guest Speaker List for 2003-2019 is available > here <
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