Telescopes for Beginners

For MAS members. Next date: tba

Evening Conjunction: Moon-Venus-Mars. Roger Powell, 2021-07-12

Financial Members only, bookings essential

MAS conducts workshops to assist financial members of the Society who are beginners to find their way around the sky and learn how to get the most out of their telescopes. Members starting out in astrophotography with a DSLR camera on a tripod will also find this useful.

It will be a great opportunity to meet other members, find your way around the sky, learn how to get the most out of your telescope and establish contacts for ongoing support.


Our beginners nights are held at Dudley Chesham Sports Ground, off Burragorang Road, The Oaks. 

Actual location within the grounds will be advised by detailed email closer to the date.

When you arrive you will be directed to drive to your position. You must not drive on wet grass nor should you exceed 5 kph.


Please ensure that you arrive on or before the start time designated in the e-mail you will receive. We will spend the period before sunset assisting you to set up your telescope and discussing how best to operate it. 

Viewing The Night Sky

As the brightest stars begin to appear (about thirty minutes after sunset), we will help you to find the Moon and any planets that may be currently visible.

As it gets darker we will move on to finding some deep sky objects, such as double stars, globular clusters, planetary nebulae, open clusters, gas nebulae or galaxies.

The MAS mentors will not be bringing their own telescopes – this is all about you bringing and learning to use your own gear and having a fun time under the stars.


Stargazing is weather permitting. If conditions are in doubt due to inclement weather, please always check the Notice Board for announcements before leaving home.


Booking is essential.

Admission is for MAS members only and is free. If you wish to attend, please send us a message to book a place and let us know about the equipment that you will be bringing.


The pursuit of astronomy requires a dark environment and attendance is at your own risk. We can accept no responsibility for accidents that occur. Before it gets dark, you should spend a few minutes memorising your immediate surroundings.

We also request that you refrain from using flash photography during the session. Thanks.

 🚫 We want to keep everybody safe, so MAS adopts a cautious approach to covid-19 and we ask you to respect the vaccination and other covid and influenza requirements listed on our Notice Board.


The event is held in an exposed outdoor location, and the temperature is likely to be even colder than you might expect, so please bring extra warm clothing.

Public toilet facilities are located adjacent to the tennis courts near the main entrance to the sports ground.

What To Bring

  • your astronomy gear, with equipment manuals
  • a battery power source if needed (no mains power available)
  • pen and notepad
  • food and drink
  • very warm clothing
  • insect repellent
  • portable chair
  • a red light torch

We strongly recommend the purchase of a Southern Hemisphere planisphere (or star wheel) suitable for your latitude (34º S in Macarthur) and we will show you how to locate the stars using it.
You can order one direct from Quasar Publishing or Bintel .

Contact MAS

Our workshops are a great opportunity to learn about amateur astronomy and meet other members. If after reading this you wish to book a place, or have any queries about the event please send your questions to Greg at


Please also read about our field protocols on our Field Night page.

You can read more about starting out in astronomy at our Members Articles page.

If you or a family member are showing any symptoms of covid, influenza or the common cold etc. please do not attend any of our events.