Honorary Members

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List of Honorary Members of the Society

001Mr. Phillip AinsworthFounder of MAS and President 1996-2000. c2000
183Professor Bryan GaenslerPatron of MAS 2009-2020. An annual guest speaker 2008-2014 before moving from Sydney University to University of Toronto, Canada; now University of California, USA.2009
024Ms. Ursula BraatzExemplary membership over an extended period, having joined in 1998.2016
119Mr. Graeme BellamyMember since 2006. Many years of service as Hon. Auditor.2018
413Prof. Geraint LewisAn annual guest speaker since 2008. Based at Sydney University. Patron of MAS since 2020. 2020

Honorary membership may be conferred by the management committee upon a person who has rendered valuable service to Astronomy and/or the advancement of the Society.

Honorary members have the same rights as full members.


This page about Honorary Members is not to be confused with the Roll of Honour page about deceased members.