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A big thank you to our Donors, without whom our Telescope Loan Service would not be possible:

  • Commonwealth Bank in Campbelltown.
  • Helen Crase.
  • Frank Alvaro.
  • Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith and RMS Entertainment.
  • Daryl Salmon

Availability & Conditions

The Society owns five telescopes and two pairs of binoculars. Subject to availability, these may be loaned to current MAS members under the MAS Education Programme.

Due to the size, weight and complexity of telescopes, children using MAS Loan Telescopes must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Loanees need to ensure that the telescope will fit into their motor vehicle safely and securely and must take special care to protect it from damage during transportation and keep it safe during storage.

Subject to demand, the loan period is normally three months, then on a week by week basis to a maximum of six months. As the telescopes are used to support external MAS Education programs they may not be available all year.

Users not familiar with the operation of the telescope they are borrowing will be given full instruction on its use. This is best achieved at an MAS members viewing night e.g. Stargard, which also offers a good way to meet other members and learn the night sky from experienced observers.

Loan Agreement

Borrowers will be required to sign the agreement before taking the telescope; and accept responsibility for returning it in good condition promptly at the end of the loan period. Please view the generic form > Here <

Due to each telescope having a different inventory, there are specific Telescope Loan Agreement forms for each telescope. However, the terms and conditions for each Telescope Loan Agreement are the same.

To borrow an MAS Loan Telescope please contact


Loaning our telescopes is a free service to our members, which we hope may broaden your understanding of the Universe. Should you feel inclined to make a small donation to our maintenance costs after using this service, we would welcome that.

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MAS Loan Scope #1 – “MacDob”

Celestron 15cm F8 Starhopper Dobsonian. Suitable for first time Beginners.
Tube & cradle – L 132 cm W 35cm H 43cm 22 kg.
Mount – H 60cm W 60cm 11.5 kg. Purchased in 1997 with a generous $500 grant from the Commonwealth Bank in Campbelltown.

MAS Loan Scope #2

Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ 13cm F5 Newtonian. Suitable for Beginners.
Mount: Easy to use Alt/Az. (See photo Loan scope #4 for picture of new mount)
The telescope comes packed in a storage container L 77cm W 51 cm H 37cm,
Weight 11 kg. Kindly donated in 2016 by Helen Crase.

MAS Loan Scope #3

Meade ETX 12.5cm F10 Optical Tube on a Celestron GOTO mount. Ideal beginners introduction to “GOTO” telescopes. Previous experience with a telescope and a basic understanding of the location of bright stars necessary.
Maksutov-Cassegrain reflecting optical system.
The telescope comes packed in a storage container L 64cm W 43 cm H 35cm which weighs 19kg.
There is one small accessory case and a bag (L 75cm) containing the tripod. Kindly donated in 2017 by Frank Alvaro.

MAS Loan Scope #4

Celestron PowerMaster 127 13cm F8 Newtonian. Suitable for Beginners.
Mount: Easy to use Alt/Az.
The telescope comes packed in a storage container L 63cm W 43cm H 35cm
Tripod is separate. Weight 11kg.
Kindly donated in 2018 by Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith and RMS Entertainment.

MAS loan Scope #5

Skywatcher 15cm F8 Classic 150P Dobsonian.
Suitable for first time beginners.
OTA length 113cm 7kg
Base H 74cm W 52cm
Weight 11.5kg
Purchased by MAS 2020

MAS Loan Binoculars #1

Olympus  Binoculars   Suitable for Beginners.
8-16 x 40 Zoom Primarily allocated for the MAS School Mentoring Programme.
When not required for that activity, they may be loaned with an MAS telescope if the recipient does not possess binoculars. Kindly donated in 2019 by Daryl Salmon

MAS Loan Binoculars #2

Saxon 10 x 50 Waterproof Binoculars
Suitable for beginners.
May be loaned with an MAS telescope if the recipient does not possess binoculars.

Camden Library Loan Telescopes

Camden Library Logo

MAS collaborates with Camden Library, who also have astronomical telescopes available for loan. We provide telescope assistance and operational advice to the Library.

Loan enquiries should be directed to the Library.

Anyone who is a member of Camden Library can borrow one of their telescopes. Due to demand there may be a waiting period.

Details > Here <

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