Official MAS merchandise on sale for members:

  • MAS Jackets
  • MAS Ball Point Pens
  • MAS Coffee Mugs
  • MAS Shirts
  • MAS Beanies
  • MAS Baseball Caps
  • Red Torches
  • Books

Most items are usually available at the monthly Forum but it is not always possible to bring every stock item to every meeting. Full details of current merchandise and pricelist is available on our Merchandise Order Form:

MAS does not operate an online shop. If you see an online site purporting to sell MAS merchandise it is unrelated to MAS and is potentially a scam or virus hazard.

You can contact our Merchandise Officer by e-mail at for any further details or to place your order. Please print the form and send a signed copy of your order. You will be contacted regarding payment and arrangements for you to collect your order at the next meeting, subject to availability.