Planner 2020

Observing Nights and Forum

For advanced planning purposes only. May not show all events. Dates and times may be changed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Please always check the Calendar page for possible late changes.

Table 1: Forest (Col 1) and Stargard (Col 2)

Column 1.
The Forest
New Moon Weekends (Fri/Sat)
Column 2.
3rd Quarter Saturdays
24th-25th Jan.  cancelled (bushfires).18th Jan.  cancelled (bushfires).
21st-22nd Feb. cancelled (weather).15th Feb. cancelled (weather).
20th-21st Mar. went ahead.14th Mar. pp to 20th (weather).
24th-25th Apr. cancelled (public health).20th Mar. unscheduled – went ahead.
22nd-23rd May. cancelled (public health).18th Apr.  cancelled (public health)
19th Jun. went ahead.16th May.  cancelled (public health).
20th Jun. cancelled (weather).13th Jun. went ahead
17th-18th Jul. cancelled (cabin hygiene)24th Jun. unscheduled – went ahead.
21st-22nd Aug. cancelled (weather)11th Jul.   postponed (weather).
18th-19th Sep. cancelled (weather)15th Aug.  postponed (weather).
16th-17th Oct.  cancelled (weather)12th Sep. postponed (weather).
13th-14th Nov. went ahead.10th Oct. went ahead.
11th-12th Dec.7th Nov. postponed (weather).
~10th Nov. unscheduled – went ahead.
~5th Dec.
~12th Dec.

Table 2: Public Nights (Col 3) & Forum (Col 4)

Column 3
Public Nights
First Quarter Moon Saturdays
Column 4
Macarthur Astronomy Forum
Third Mondays
4th Jan: unallocated.20th Jan.  went ahead at WSU.
1st Feb: unallocated.17th Feb. went ahead at WSU.
7th Mar: unallocated.16th Mar. cancelled (public health).
4th Apr: unallocated.20th Apr.  online.
2nd May: Domes.  cancelled (public health).18th May online.
30th May: Domes. cancelled (public health).15th Jun. online.
27th Jun: Domes. cancelled (public health).20th Jul.  online.
25th Jul: Domes. cancelled (public health).17th Aug. online.
29th Aug: Domes. cancelled (public health).21st Sep online.
26th Sep: Domes. cancelled (public health).19th Oct. online.
24th Oct: unallocated.16th Nov. online.
21st Nov: unallocated.7th Dec. (First Monday) online.
19th Dec: unallocated.