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Members are invited to post to the galleries from this page.

Please check your typing carefully before submission, because at this stage, the gallery has no user editing facilities available. You may delete your submission but if you have any difficulties or need me to edit one of your entries, please contact me. 🙂

Always insert a title, category and description (which should include your name). There are two categories: (i) astro-images and (ii) other MAS related images.

View Image Gallery 1 – Astro

Please submit your own astro-images of astronomical objects to this category.

Please do not post repetitive versions of the same image or “work in-progress” images. We want only your best and final processed images.

View Image Gallery 2 – Other

This category is for your own best images which are related to MAS activities.

For example, this might include images of MAS events, members in the field, telescopes, a small selection of images from an MAS tour or quick snaps of the night sky. Images of members who have passed away are very welcome.

Please do not flood the gallery with multiple views of lecture slides or of the same location. Maybe Facebook is the best place for that.

Roger Powell

Image Submission Form

To maintain a consistent gallery format, please enter a short title and a brief description of the object, followed by your name. Under “Tags”, enter as many tag names as you like. Image file-types: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF.

Only upload images which you have taken yourself. Copyright remains with the photographer. MAS assumes the right to display the image in a gallery and to use your images elsewhere on this website; in print form in a photographic exhibition; for MAS promotional material; or other non-profit purposes.  Your images may remain on this gallery after you cease being a member.