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Amateur Astronomy

UnattributedThe Bortle Dark-Sky Scale
Chris MalikoffAbout Telescopes
Chris Malikoff Choosing a Telescope
Chris Malikoff Telescopes Compared
Chris Malikoff Smart Telescopes
Chris Malikoff Other Essentials
Chris Malikoff Be an informed buyer
Geoff YoungCG5 Mount Setup
UnattributedSeeing Double – Circinus
Alexander MasseySelecting A Site For Astronomy Purposes2018
Roger PowellPolar Aligning A Telescope For Astro-imaging2021

General Astronomy

Ragbir BhathalOur Place Under the Southern Cross
James ScottIn The Black
Roger Powell The Ten Parsec Survey – Our Stellar Neighbourhood 2021

Space Exploration

Brendon WaterhouseEarthrise (24th December 1968)
Ursula BratzNew Nasa-Rover to bring oxygen to Mars


Chris Malikoffm a g n i t u d e ][ sneak preview
Bob Bee & Mike NicholasPreparing Students for a Future Linked to Space.2021


Tony LawRemembering Bobbie Vaile 2016
Roger PowellRobert Bee Obituary2020
Roger Powell Henry Swierk Obituary2021

Bob Bee – Series 1: General Astronomy

Are You Calling Me Dense?100 Years of CosmologyDown the Rabbit HoleInside the Large Hadron Collider
Measuring the Distances to the Stars and BeyondMessier Star HoppingSome Calculations for the M87 Black HoleUsing Greek Mythology to Find the Constellations
Some Astronomical and Cosmological-Poems

Bob Bee – Series 2: Armchair Astronomy

Armchair Astronomy No.1 – Introduction Armchair Astronomy No.2 – ConstellationsArmchair Astronomy No.3 – Drama of the Solar SystemArmchair Astronomy No.4 – The Size of Space
Armchair Astronomy No.5 – Nebulae, Galaxies and ClustersArmchair Astronomy No.6 – Weird Objects in the SkyArmchair Astronomy No.7 – Come to the Dark SideArmchair Astronomy No.8 – The Literature of Comets

Bob Bee – Series 3: Solar System

The Sun EarthThe MoonMercury
The Transits of VenusMarsJupiterSaturn
UranusNeptuneThe Solar System

Bob Bee – Series 4: Stars Above Macarthur

Published in the Macarthur Advertiser Newspaper: 2012-2013

The Seven Sisters – January 2013The Heavenly Twins – February 2013How Far Little Star_ – March 2013Saturn on Show – May 2013
Seeking the Cross – June 2013The Stars Above Macarthur – September 2012It’s a Big Place, Space – September 2012Time Travellers in the Sky – October 2012
The Colours of Stars – November 2012A Star in the East – December 2012

Bob Bee – Series 5: Heaven’s Above

Published in the Macarthur Chronicle Newspaper: 1998-2011

Heavens Above – A Chronicle – 00 IntroductionHeavens Above – A Chronicle – 01 All Year – Part 1Heavens Above – A Chronicle – 02 All Year – Part 2Heavens Above – A Chronicle – 03 All Year – Part 3
Heavens Above – A Chronicle – 04 – November NightsHeavens Above – A Chronicle – 05 – December NightsHeavens Above – A Chronicle – 06 – January NightsHeavens Above – A Chronicle – 07 – February Nights
Heavens Above – A Chronicle – 08 – March NightsHeavens Above – A Chronicle – 09 – April NightsHeavens Above – A Chronicle – 10 – May NightsHeavens Above – A Chronicle – 11 – June Nights
Heavens Above – A Chronicle – 12 – July NightsHeavens Above – A Chronicle – 13 – August NightsHeavens Above – A Chronicle – 14 – September NightsHeavens Above – A Chronicle – 15 – October Nights

Bob Bee – Series 6: Fiction

Title Title Title Title
We Come In PeaceStarWriterStarry EyesThe Hope Games
Three Wishes For TomorrowThe Zephyr Blows InPasswordToll: A Password Sequel
Santa Is Coming To TownRelatives and RelativityQuo Vadis VoyagerThe Uninvited Guest
Its In The BookGenesisCoincidencesEarths Secret Weapon
Ares For ChristmasAll His ChristmasesThe Colour of TimeHop and a Leap
A Happy Thousand TurnsA Cretaceous ConundrumThe Man Who CountedThe Man With X Ray Eyes
The Slogger from Vega Three
Titan Tony Skates on Blue Ice: A Young Adults NovellaGravity Keeps Falling On My HeadOne Green Bottle Standing on-a-Wall
Moon Charlie and the Zac Attack: A Junior Novel SamplerMoon Charlies Christmas Surprise
Moon Charlie Shoots For Goal: Junior Novel Sampler
Moon Charlie and the Dust Shark
Van Danikens Dreamtime vs Doris DuncastlePour Oh Pour The Pirate SherryLarry Luna’s Holiday – A Children’s Illustrated StorySteven’s Big Discovery – Childrens’ Illustrated Story
Kelvin Kepler and the Second Third Planet: Sampler of Young Adult NovelPuddings Aren’t Logical Mr-Spock


Geoff YoungThe 10 +2 Commandments of Amateur Astronomy
Geoff Young You know you’re an Astroholic when…
Trevor Rhodes A Haiku
Trevor Rhodes A Limerick
Trevor Rhodes Stargard
Roger PowellGuidelines For Writing And Posting Articles To The Old MAS Website (superseded).2019
Roger PowellGuidelines For Writing And Posting Articles To The Current MAS Website2021

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